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Please download on your favourite platform, available on Apple Music,iTunes,Amazon Music,Google Play,Deezer,YouTube Music,Spotify,Pandora,Tiktok,Yandex & Facebook/Instagram

Please donate to Campfire Circle(Formerly Camp OOCH/Trillium) 


As we all travel our collective journey through life, we and our loved ones at some point have or know someone affected by cancer. The Cruisin guys know this all too well, as Dave's wife passed away in her fifties from cancer.


So, in 2013 Cruisin adopted Campfire Circle (Formerly Camp Oochigeas)as their charity of choice. Cruisin Vocal Band is a not for profit group. Cruisin donates a portion of their show and album revenue to Campfire Cirlce. In doing so, the five gentlemen of Cruisin have realised we have an opportunity to share our love of music and leave a legacy somewhat larger than five very good friends singing for their own amazement.

Campfire Cirlce is a privately funded non-profit organization that helps kids affected by childhood cancer to just be kids. Their In-Hospital, Community and Overnight programs bring magic, laughter and fun to families across Ontario, year round.

They rely on hundreds of Volunteers and donations from people like you, so that they can continue to provide the social cure for cancer to kids and their families in any stage of their cancer journey.

Right now, only 21% of kids with childhood cancer in Ontario can go to camp – they need your help.

Please visit Campfire Circle's website to learn more.

Thank-you for supporting Cruisin and Campfire Circle

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